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Welcome to the archive of Spica's X-files fanfic. Here, you'll mostly find Krycek, angst and het romance. I've written Krycek/Marita, Krycek/Kim and Krycek/Scully, and also the odd story without any Krycek at all! Just enter the archive, pick a story, put up your feet and stay as long as you like. :)

If you are underage where you live, please stay away from the R to NC-17 rated stuff--and note that even my G to PG-13 stories were written with a mature reader in mind.

I like to give my Krycek stories a Russian slant, hence the name of this site which is borrowed from one of Anna Akhmatova's poems (you can read it

What's new

April, 2004: Finally got around to updating the update field with the update I did in January. *g* Also added Spooky Award placements and various recs for my stories to the fiction page.

January, 2004: Added "Thirsty Boots," a new Doggett/Kim story to the Fiction page, along with "Hidden Lives," three 155-word Krycek/Marita pieces that are loosely connected through a winter theme.

12 Oct, 2003: Web site is up. Thanks a bunch to Alice at Vox Populli for the generous provision of web space!

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