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Thirsty Boots (Doggett/Kim Cook, NC-17, 100K)

"How do you make love then, Agent Doggett?"
Hidden Lives (Krycek/Marita, 155 words, G to PG-13):

Double Trouble

An Apocalypse, A Sprig Of Mistletoe, And Thou

3 x 155 words with a winter theme.
Dagger Moon (Krycek/Marita, NC-17, 56K)

"They stand nearly still and sway to a slow piano tune. There's smoke in the room, dour patrons at the bar, a white crescent moon outside like a slash in the night. Everything feels like a scene in some vintage movie that will not end well."

*2nd place (tie), 2003 Spooky Awards: Outstanding characterization of Marita Covarrubias
*3rd place, 2003 Spooky Awards: Outstanding Krycek/Marita romance
155 Words: Lastochka (Krycek/Marita, G, 8K)

"He thinks it would have been a girl, dark-haired."

*2nd place (tie), 2003 Spooky Awards: Outstanding specific word count story
*Recommended at The Green Iguana
Not Quite Still-life With Plums (Krycek/Marita, PG-13, 12K)

"He may not be the most gracious host in the world, but he does know a few things about how to issue a challenge."
The Gravity Of Stars (Krycek/Kim Cook, NC-17, 20K)

"...of course she knows that they are beginning to suspect him now of not being the innocent rookie agent he's let on to be. Not that this will be news to her. She knew before any of them. Somehow she knew."

*Hon. mention, 2003 Spooky Awards: Outstanding Mulder/other or Krycek/other het romance
 Devil At The Crossroads (Krycek/Kim Cook, R, 60K)

"He stood so close she could smell him, blood and sweat and fear and anger radiating off his heavy frame. And gasoline. He smelled like fire."

*3rd place, 2003 Spooky Awards: Outstanding other XF or LGM character romance
*Recommended at The Enigmatic Doctor's Fanfic Favorites
Swallowed By The Sun (Scully, pre-XF, PG-13, 8K)

"She sits quietly and guards her secrets, the perfect blue day suddenly smeared by a red blotch of sun, a red streak of blood, a red flush of shame."

*Recommended at The Grove, Musea
A Dream Of Fools (Krycek/Scully, NC-17, 164K)

"...for in this land, winter had unlimited dominion, and spring was a dream of fools."

*Hon. mentions, 2001 Spooky Awards: Outstanding Krycek characterization,
Outstanding Scully/other romance
*Recommended at The Green Iguana, YMMV, and Just Duckies


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